Building and Maintenance

Building of turnkey courts

Builder and producers

The excellent quality of raw materials loses value if it is not combined with a perfect process. Thanks to the experience gained in over 40 years and the rich network of professionals with whom we cooperate, we create turnkey courts anywhere in the world, from the smallest club to the largest sports complex.


For your next project, rely on our experience. We will be able to advise you on the best solutions and we will take care of the whole process: from design to final building through the supply of raw materials and accessories.

We build courts all over the world


Distances are not a problem for us. Thanks to precise organization, we also know how to take care of the logistics, achieving the result within the established times and costs.

We keep your courts perfect over the years

Yearly maintenance

Very few light maintenance actions are enough to preserve a TERRE DAVIS court over time, TERRE DAVIS offers a maintenance service for both outdoor and indoor courts so as to have the feeling of playing every year on a newly built court.

Don’t let the players wait!

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How we build our courts

Dig of an excavation of about cm. 50 with removal of the topsoil and remaining roots then treat with herbicide. If the existing soil is particularly clayey and does not allow a natural evacuation of water, it is advisable to provide perforated reticular pipes for drainage and possibly geotextile sheets.

Formation of the ballast with a thickness of about 35 cm. with selected gravel, better crushed, with granulometry ranging from 40 to 70 mm. Setting the slopes with the addition of crushed gravel with granulometry from 3 to 15 mm; stabilization by rolling.

Formation of the first layer by applying GRANULO BASE “DAVIS” (30 mm) performed with small levels; then water and roll with the appropriate roller. This layer serves to preserve the moisture essential to the upper layers. The stored water is transmitted to the upper layer by capillarity.

Formation of the second layer by applying the SOTTOMANTO “DAVIS” (40 mm) with small levels. Water thoroughly so that the water is absorbed over the entire layer - let it dry and roll with a special roller.


Formation of the third layer by laying the “DAVIS” MANTO FINALE (3 mm) with a trowel; level by dragging the mat; water and roll.

It is advisable to provide an automatic irrigation system specific for clay tennis courts (TORO)


How we make the maintenance

Outdoor courts maintenace


Clean court properly with scraper taking away grass – leaves – moss – removed soil


Breake the surface with an iron rake or with a special machine and spread the Sottomanto Davis with a trowel (on average 3,000 kg). Then water and roll it with the appropriate roller.


Arrange the field marking lines and proceed with the laying of the MANTO FINALE “DAVIS” Kg. 1,500) with a trowel or with a manual shovel. Level it by pulling the mat, water and roll untill the surface is rightly compacted.

INDOOR COURTS maintenance

The maintenance of the covered clay courts differs from the outdoor courts for the fact That the heating makes the surface very hard: it is therefore necessary to scrape with special machines and add a greater quantity of Sottomanto Davis (approx. 7,000 kg) to restore the surface levels.