A history of passion and of quality


We slowly started in the early 70ies and now we are world leader in production of special clay and accessories for tennis courts. How did we do it?
We never lost of sight two fundamental principles: passion and quality. And this is what we want to offer to our customers. That’s how our little white elephant appears on the red surface, as a symbol of a work made with the heart.


Quality of TERRE DAVIS courts

“It was 1973 when I started producing the first red clay and at that time the tennis market was in full development with many other clay producers. So during a dinner with friends they asked me what would be the difference of my products.
It was without thinking too much that I replied: << Certainly quality! Even elephants will be able to play on my courts! >>. A few days later, an artist friend present at the dinner brought me the first sketch of the little elephant Davis which from that day on on became our logo and which over the years has followed me undergoing very few reinterpretations.

Many people have pointed out to me that to bring luck the elephant must be represented with the trunk pointing upwards, but our Davis doesn’t seem to care. In fact he accompanied me along this beautiful journey that has lasted for over 40 years. And continues to accompany me together with my daughters Anna and Rita all over the world and into the future that will come.

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Our courts are known and appreciated worldwide


Among our customers there are over 2,500 tennis clubs and builders of sports facilities both in Italy and abroad. We are present in the following countries around the world: Italy; France; Switzerland; Croatia; Greece; UK; Belarus; United Arab Emirates; China; Thailand; Australia; United States.
Thanks to the high performance and the great playing comfort most important international tournaments are played on our courts,, among which we can mention:
International BNL of Italy – Foro Italico – Rome
Bonfiglio Tournament – Tennis Club Milano Bonacossa – Milan
DAVIS CUP and FED CUP played on national territory


Our most important projects