Company Profile

Our company was founded in 1975 by the current shareholders and it's now leader in the world in the production of special clays and accessories for tennis courts. Among our customers there are more than 2,500 tennis clubs and builders of sports facilities. On our clays are played major international tournaments: ROME MASTER SERIES at the Foro Italico, Monte Carlo, Sicily FED CUP 2013, DAVIS CUP INDOOR TORINO 2013, FED CUP INDOOR RIMINI 2013, DAVIS CUP NAPLES OUTDOOR 2012. Our products are present all over the country and internationally: Austria, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Greece, Malta, England, China, Russia, UAE and MELBOURNE PARK, Australia.
Clay courts have resisted in recent years to various hard surfaces (porous concrete - resins - synthetic grass) which have created significant problems proving, even from a cost point of view, to be the less convenient. According to a dossier issued by French doctors, the considerable physical damage caused by the game played on a cement floor can be classified into: Serious accidents: ranging from distortion to the rupture of ligaments and tendons, caused by torsion of the violent supporting foot stuck to the ground, while the body continues the rotation. In particular, the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus most suffer the effects of this type of rotary excess. Accidents Chronic are among the most serious, real repetitive microtrauma that originate tendinitis and can also promote the onset of osteoarthritis, which is the progressive destruction of the cartilage. With the game on clay knees instead make the most of their property. The cushioning brought by the elasticity of the clay and slippage that our flooring allows, are the main features to protect the ligaments, allowing the foot to avoid violent blocks.

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