Circular economy

We have been making circular economy since 1975

Transforming waste into a resource means creating a true circular economy. We have been doing it every day since 1975 when the founder Umberto Garavelli had the intuition to recycle the bricks of ancient farms and use them to produce our special clay for tennis.
It was a brilliant idea. Not only because the bricks manufactured before the beginning of the 20th century with the clay of the Po river are an exceptional raw material, but also because since the seventies TERRE DAVIS has been producing with the minimum impact on the environment, giving new life to materials that otherwise would have accumulated as landfill waste.

A deep connection with “the great river”


We love our land and our work is proof of this. The entire production chain is connected to the Cremonese plains where the ancient farmhouses built with bricks made of Po clay from which we obtain our raw material arise. In this way we enhance the history of the place and support the local economy. We do not use any materials produced abroad for processing, so our clays are 100% Italian and Made in Italy.

Natural Red


Our clays are not only an example of a true circular economy, but they are completely natural.
In fact, the bright red color of the TERRE DAVIS courts fields does not derive from the addition of dyes or chemical additives, but is due to the high concentration of iron contained in the bricks we use.

The red clay with a green heart

TERRE DAVIS has obtained and has maintained the ISO4001 environmental certification since 2010, engaging in a company management that respects the environment in all its activities.