Our "DAVIS" elephant born in 1973. I started my activities in that year, when the tennis market was in full swing. At the time there were many manufacturers of red earth and one evening, at a dinner with friends, I was asked what would be the peculiarity of my products: certainly the quality ". On my lands can play even elephants!". A few days later, an artist friend of mine attended the dinner took me the first draft. Then Davis over the years has followed undergoing very few revivals me.

Many people have pointed out to me that in the symbolism of good luck, the elephant must have its trunk pointing up. But this is not "an elephant" ... is our Davis, who with his trunk lowered accompanied me along this beautiful journey of over 40 years, and still accompanies me, and my daughters Anna and Rita in Two thousand and around the entire globe.

on my land will be able to play even the elephants

Umberto Garavelli

For our undermantle use bricks born before '900 created with clays of the Po River band, particularly iron-rich (in charge of the natural red color). The hand-made bricks (photos) were baked at temperatures below 900 degrees and not pressed with the machine: this makes the product particularly draining. The presence of raw clay between the bricks guarantees lìomogeneità of our also undermantle with the minimum moisture: for this reason it is necessary to make less the innaffiaggio from the outside of the field. The raw material is highly selected prior to crushing to ensure constant quality level.

The high quality of our undermantle DAVIS can be tested immediately: the product seal is evident already with a "handshake" in the absence of irrigation water.

the undermantle DAVIS under the pressure switch or balloons under the covers of any kind, thanks to its HYGROSCOPIC properties of retention of moisture, allows to the fields of not harden excessively due to the heat.

A QUALITY 'and Economic Choice

The main feature of our undermantle "DAVIS" is the drainage rate.
Thanks to the raw material utlilizzata and high draining power, our undermantle is used for the most important tournaments in the world and in the most careful quality centers of their fields. Moreover our undermantle has the dowry to retain the natural moisture and irrigation, so as to enable the limitation of the water wastage.
With our products we can ensure an optimization of the costs, whereas it is allowed the number of hours of maximum possible game.


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